Trusted for generations

Burkholder Flint Easterday has been generating content for over six decades, and has built a lot of trust along the way.

These days, the oldest advertising agency in Columbus is owned by Tom Bedway, and run by Tom, Elizabeth Willford and Sandy Pemberton.

Some of the most trusted names in the business have led the company over the years. We were founded in 1959 by Richard Burkholder and Herb Flint, who passed the torch decades later to Bob Wiseman and Vickie Easterday.

Every day, we approach our work in the same joyous, straightforward way that Burk, Herb, Bob and Vickie did.

We hope we do their legacy justice, and we’d love to have the opportunity to earn your trust.


Tom Bedway

Owner, creative captain, wordsmith

Writer. Strategist. Writer. Producer. Did we mention that he’s a writer?

Elizabeth Willford

Marketing and account lead

Skilled at strategy and relationship building. Genuinely loves people. Loves animals even more.

Sandy Pemberton

Production director and billing specialist

A knack for anticipating needs and keeping us honest on deadlines. Wrangles billing. In other words, she’s a saint.

Vickie Easterday
Late great owner and longtime vice president. Yup, we still miss her.

Burk, Bob and Herb
Bob Wiseman flanked by our company’s late founders: Richard Burkholder (left) and Herb Flint (right).

Bob Wiseman
Longtime owner and president. An occasional advisor when he’s not busy being retired.

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