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TV Campaigns

For budgets large and small, our strategically aligned campaigns have featured actual customers, cute kids and animals, nationally known celebrities. college students, national and local talent, CGI and animation. 

EfficiencyCrafted “Breathing Room”
Focuses on a healthy feature.

EfficiencyCrafted “Efficiency for everyone”
Who says it’s for rich folks only?
EfficiencyCrafted “Manufactured homes”
Yep. They’re efficient too.
AEP Ohio “Energy management”
An app keeps tabs on energy usage.
AEP Ohio “Smart home”
The same app remotely controls HVAC and lighting.
AEP Ohio “Marketplace”
An efficiency product site provides info and savings.
Columbus State “Bridges to anywhere…”
Our favorite spot over our 12-year relationship.
Columbus Zoo “Baby face 2.0”
The great Jack Hanna with a spirited musical redo.
Ronald McDonald House “Scoring with Kellogg”
A slam dunk performance by a legend.
Ronald McDonald House “Kids at the wheel”
A kid-driven spot in a most literal way.


Sears Heating and Cooling
Lets the HVAC do the talking.

Max & Erma’s
A truly rockin’ award winning alt-rock jingle.

Perfectly parallels the tv campaign.


Robotic replacement part specialists with
international reach.

Consumer facing with backend access for
participating builders.

Columbus Radiology
Page design for tablet app used by Docs.


Cameron Mitchell Brand Voice
We helped develop the positioning and copy style for The Pearl, Hudson 29, The Avenue and other CMR concepts.

Corporate Video

EfficiencyCrafted Selwyn Overview
The construction of a program-built home narrated by the owner.
EfficiencyCrafted Selwyn Insulation
Series included shorter videos about construction details such as insulation.
The Ohio State University ACEL Centennial 
Interviews with celebratory faculty, students
and alumni.
AEP Ohio e3Smart Teacher Recruitment
Interviews from a training session for
participating teachers.

Columbus Radiology Results Communication
Doctors on camera discuss benefits of working with CR.

AEP Ohio Grid Upgrade
Motion graphics and typography explain
grid upgrades.


We designed, researched, wrote, edited, shot and curated photography for award-winning magazine featuring businesses using AEP Ohio efficiency programs.

Print | Digital

EfficiencyCrafted Magazine Ad

AEP Ohio eTeam Coloring Book

AEP Ohio Residential Brochure/Newspaper

Columbus Radiology Client Ad

AEP Ohio Marketplace Brochure

AEP Ohio Cars Marketplace Brochure

Columbus State Sterile Processing

Columbus State Medical Testing

AEP Banner Ads

Social Media